Towel Trainer (Pitch Safely Anywhere)

Towel Trainer™ is a throwing trainer that was designed by a professional athlete, for athletes.  From kids who are just learning the fundamentals of throwing, all the way to professional baseball players wanting to stay at their peak performance level, Towel Trainer gives you an edge on the competition.



  "Having been an orthopedic surgeon for over 26 years and having cared for many hundreds of baseball pitchers, I have been exposed to a variety of training routines and devices that pitchers use to train with. In particular, I have always been a fan of Tom House with his towel drills for pitchers. What caught my eye at David’s exhibit was not the towel drill in and of itself, which I am familiar with, but the unique handle. I immediately understood how this ergonomically designed handle can significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of towel drills. What is even of more importance is that there is little or no stress distributed to the hand, forearm, and the elbow because there is no need to grip or squeeze. All power generation and training can be focused on body mechanics and pitching shoulder movement and technique. The absence of stress imparted to the elbow makes the Towel Trainer a wonderful tool for anyone who has ever suffered from elbow tendinitis, and more so, as a prevention against elbow tendinitis due to continued gripping and squeezing. Beautifully designed ergonomic handle, smooth, comfortably resting in the hand, zero stress to the forearm or the elbow.  As an orthopedic surgeon, I would highly recommend David’s Towel Trainer to anyone who wish[es] to do any towel drills. This only makes sense."  


Towel Trainer (Pitch Safely Anywhere)


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