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  • What's the difference between engraving and embroidery?
    An embroidered glove is stitched. Gloves that are already made cannot be embroidered. When you custom embroidery a glove the turnaround rate can be up to several weeks. Engraving means we laser etch the glove. This is why the only color offered is black. It takes about 15 minutes to engrave a glove. When we receive your glove we send it to you as soon we are done engraving it.
  • What should I add to my glove?
    The possibilities are endless. Some variations are: - First name, last name and # - Nickname - First letter initial and last name - Last name
  • If I buy my own glove can I ship it to you?
    Yes. Whether you buy it from us or an outside source we engrave all gloves new and old. If you're looking to purchase a glove, check out our selection at Some gloves come with free engraving! ***If you are shipping us a glove using FedEx or UPS, please email us for an alternative address at
  • What glove area should I choose to engrave?
    The thumb area is the most popular area. Rawlings gloves usually have this entire area available. For Wilson's we reccomend the upper or lower thumb. Other popular areas are the inner pinky, back fingers, or the finger guard. The bigger the area the better. If you have a multi-color glove, we reccomend you choose the glove area with the lighter color. For inspiration check out our gallery page.
  • Can I add a logo to my glove?
    Yes! To add a logo or image to your glove email us a high resolution image of your logo, either in a jpeg file or vector file to Make sure the subject title of your email is "Order #_____, Vector or Jpeg Image" Your order number will be given to you after you purchase your product and it will also be sent to you via email.
  • What if my glove is black?
    The engraving will be black on black. Most of the gloves we engrave are black. Here are a few examples. Black Gloves are great to add color to as well!
  • Do you have color options for your engravings?
    YES! We do! additional charge please visit store to purchase!
  • What tournaments do you travel to?
    We travel to several baseball and softball tournaments and leagues in Southern California. Follow us on social media to find out what tournmanets we will be travling to. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @EngravingGlove
  • Do you have a store?
    All of our products and services are available through our online store: Our business is based in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California. Customers who want to make an appointment must schedule one through email. To schedule an appointment email us at 11611 Rancho Bernardo Road Ste. 104 San Diego, Ca 92127
  • How do I ship my item to you?
    In order to recieve your item safely/quickly and as cheap as possible we highly recommend oputting your glove in a small box the glove fits and taking it to USPS. IF you use flate rate the price could be signifigantly more. A Gloce shoul dbe no more than 9-$12 to ship to us Priority. MAIL YOUR ITEM TO US AT: California Glove Engraving 11611 Rancho Bernardo Road Ste. 104 San Diego, Ca 92127
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